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How the campsite’s name came about

Prins Bernhardlaan (Vrouwenpolder, oranjekwartier, side street of Oranjenassaulaan)
Named after Bernhard Leopold Frederik Julius Coert Karel Gofriet Pieter, prince of Lieppe Biesterfeld (born: jena, 1911)
Since his marriage in 1937 to Princess Juliana princess of the Netherlands.

The polder in which this street lies is called Boone en Goede polder. Due to the (relative) sea level rise, after the year 1000 the sea water penetrated further and further into the island and it was no longer safe for the Walchen people to live on the natural creek ridges.
Embanking the villages did not help either. With the sea level rising around 1200, the population increased and people needed new land.
This was found in the north of the island where there were salt marshes. This fertile land was diked in after which long washes began to form against the dike.
This created elongated strip-shaped polders in 1247-1251, the Boone and Goede Polder were diked in.