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Camping rules

On arrival, please report to the house.

General arrangements
+ Collection of waste water in the rubbish tip (next to the shed).
+ Emptying chemical toilets into the tip (next to the shed).
+ Empty toilet buckets and poop in the rubbish tip (next to the shed).
+ Keep the exits clear.
+ Please keep pets on a leash and do not let them out on the site.
+ Please collect waste separately:
– Paper/cardboard, glass, and large residual waste next to the shed.
+ G.F.T waste and small residual waste in the kitchen.
+ No hard ball games
+ We are not liable for theft or accidents.
+ Remove plug from power socket in case of long absence.
+ Park motor vehicles in the parking spaces in the car park.
+ On the day of departure you must leave the campsite at 11.30 a.m.
+ Reporting visitors

It is forbidden to:
+ To sublet
+ Playing in the kitchen, shed and showers
+ Playing around tractors and machines
+ Driving motor vehicles around the campsite (except for arrivals and departures)
+ Motor vehicles are not allowed on the campsite
+ Taking a dog behind the house because of our dog
+ Feeding the horses and pony
+ It is forbidden to fly with a drone over our campsite, meadows, private property and fields.